Thirst (2009)

184,760 views Sang-hyun, a priest working for a hospital, selflessly volunteers for a secret vaccine development project intended to eradicate a deadly virus. However, the virus eventually takes over the priest. He nearly dies, but makes a miraculous recovery by an accidental transfusion of vampire blood. He realizes his sole reason for living: the pleasures of the flesh.

Secret (2009)


40,110 views Sung-ryeol is a detective in charge of violent crimes. He is an upright man, but is having an affair with his colleague's wife...

Vegetarian (2009)


26,860 views A young housewife, finds herself having strange dreams that make her disgusted by meat, leading to trouble with her meat-loving husband and attention from her artist brother in law.

Take Off (2009)


19,920 views Five men go for the gold as members of Korea's national ski jumping team.

Tokkiwa rijeodeu (2009)


13,420 views This film is a story of May and En-seol. May returns to Seoul looking for her birth mother after 23 years of life as a Korean-American adoptee...