Zombie Prom (2006)

12,350 views Zombie Prom (the musical) was adapted into this short musical film in 2006. Many of the songs were cut for the film adaptation, but it’s still extremely entertaining.

Wonder Woman: Balance of Power (2006)


What to Do in a Zombie Attack (2006)


6,180 views A 1950s educational film on how to survive a Zombie Invasion. Part one explains how to be prepared and how to improvise...

What Are the Odds? (2006)


5,740 views What are the Odds? is a story about two mathematicians visiting NYC for a conference who run into each other fifteen separate times during the course of a day.

Witchwise (2006)


8,510 views Everyone adores Andrew, including his old Aunt Mary. Rather, she did... until she died. Now, standing at her funeral, his Aunt's casket open before him, Andrew reflects on the last time he saw Mary alive, as well as the shocking, secret chain of events that led to her death: While raking leaves outside his Aunt's house, Andrew hears a thunderclap overhead, followed by a flash of light. Only the sun is shining bright, not a cloud in the sky. The light came from the upstairs window and curious Andrew just has to find out the source. But first he has to deal with Aunt Mary, a doting old lady Andrew believes has everybody fooled. He suspects her of hiding great power and aims to uncover her secr...

War Prayer (2006)


7,100 views Inspired by a Mark Twain short story, WAR PRAYER is an intense atmospheric film that takes the viewer through a surreal...

Vacant (2006)


13,650 views Obsessed with revenge, a cop hunts for the criminal who shot his partner and kidnapped his son.

Virtually Funny (2006)


6,550 views The Improv show you help create. Audiences pick the background, props and story. This new show takes virtual reality to the next level. Tons of laughs and crisp wit makes for a good time for kids and adults.

The Mozart of Pickpockets (2006)

5,320 views Richard and Philippe live hand to mouth, backing up a gang of Spanish pickpockets on the streets of Paris...

The Eyes of Edward James (2006)


10,240 views Shot in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock, THE EYES OF EDWARD JAMES tells the story of Edward, a patient...

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