The Black Madonna (2007)

13,050 views Maria is a part-time stripper. Her father, Kurt, is one of the usual police suspects. Looking to get one last heist in, he steals a priceless Russian icon, “The Black Madonna”, from a museum transport. But a buttoned-down cop, Gustav, gets in the way and the icon ends up with Maria. She now faces a choice of turning in the icon and receiving a huge reward or leaving her father in the hands of a Russian gang. Soon, she is off to Poland with Gustav in hot pursuit.

Thomcats (2007)

10,150 views A romantic comedy centered around four people and their relationships. Alex thinks he has met the love of his life in Joss. Within 48 hours of knowing each other, they decide to get married. His friends, who wouldn't know love if it knocked them over the head, strongly oppose the marriage. Alex is a writer having trouble finishing his script. His real life situation is effecting what he is writing. His best friend, Thom constantly tries to convince Alex to be more like him and play the field. Joss' best friend Gina is trying to convince Joss of the same. This story is about four young adults trying to find their way. They are looking for love, even if they don't know it.

Too Young to Marry (2007)

28,190 views Connecticut high school students Max Doyle and Jessica Carpenter fall in love and feel making love isn't enough...

The Killing Floor (2007)

44,410 views A literary agent moves into a penthouse apartment. Soon after the move, he receives crime scene photographs that seem to have taken place in his new apartment. Next he receives a series of stalker videotapes that document his every move.

The Insatiable (2007)

19,940 views Harry Balbo, a nerdy and spineless flange salesman, witness a violent killing by a gorgeous female vampire in a alley. Nobody believes him, neither does the police. Obsessed by the woman, Harry soon contacts a neighbor named Strickland, who is a vampire hunter, because he wants to find her. They begin to track the zone where she hunts to locate her refuge...

The Wedding Day (2007)

6,980 views Ralph and Laurie are to be married with a dark secret and revenge.

The Bedside Detective (2007)

20,660 views Director: Komgrit Triwimol
Cast: Sunny Suwanmethanon, Pattarasaya Kreuasuwansri, Panissara Phimpru

This Kiss (2007)


24,490 views Two best friends struggle to resurrect their friendship by confronting the heartbreaking incident that tore them apart.

The Rebel (2007)

228,090 views 1920s. Vietnam under colonial French ruling. Anti-French rebellions emerge all over the country to disrupt the foreign occupiers. In respond, the colonialist employed units of Vietnamese agents to track and destroy these rebels. The film follows the journey of LE VAN CUONG, a French cultured undercover elite. Although branded with a perfect track record, Cuong's inner conscience is troubled by the sea of Vietnamese blood he had spilled to uphold a French washed ideal. Following an assassination of a high ranking French, Cuong is assigned to seek and kill the notorious leader of the resistance. Cuong encounters VO THANH THUY, a relentless revolutionary fighter and the daughter of the rebel le...

The Moon and the Stars (2007)

13,740 views Together in Rome to shoot a film, a German actress (McCormack) and an English actor (Pryce) contend with forces that complicate their romance as well as the production itself.

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