Chemistry Lesson (1922)

1,250 views Farmer Al Falfa brews up some moonshine. He gives some to a rabbit that is exhausted after being chased by bloodhounds. The moonshine proves so powerful that the rabbit races back to the dogs and beats them until they run away terrified. Al Falfa gives some moonshine to a rooster. The bird's feathers explode from its body. Al Falfa drinks the moonshine himself. He's explodes into the air like a cannonball. Lightning crashes around him. He continues hurtling upwards. Suddenly, he has angel wings and desperately tries to grab onto the trumpet-bearing female angel just ahead of him. Finally, without the wings, he lands on the bottom of a planet. He crawls around like a spider. He climbs to the ...

Twenty Minutes of Love (1914)


1,250 views Charlie is amidst a number of loving couples in the park. He parodies one couple by embracing a tree. A girl asks her beau for a love token. The beau steals a pocket watch from a sleeping man, Charlie gets it away from him and gives it to the girl. He later gets it back and tries to sell it to his original owner who calls a policeman. Many park visitors wind up getting tossed into the lake.

The Bat Whispers (1930)

1,250 views Despite advance warning to the police, who seal off the area, The Bat, a master criminal, steals a necklace from the safe in the house of a rich socialite. He leaves a note saying he is going to the country to give the police a rest. Pausing only to rob a bank at Oakdale, he proceeds to terrorise the occupants of a lonely country mansion, in a mixture of thrills, chills and laughs. At the end, an actor steps forward through a proscenium arch and asks the viewers not to reveal the Bat's identity to their friends. A film noir shot in black and white, mainly at night in dimly lit scenes.

Gender Schmender (2014)


1,250 views Starring 'Hart of Dixie's' Matt Lowe and 'Groundlings' Lauren Burns, Chris Eckert, & Heidi Gardner, 'Gender Schmender' is a comedy about gender equality in the workplace. The short film's humor comes from women's real life discrimination stories in some ridiculous workplace situations, but in 'Gender Schmender' the world is flipped upside-down. Alex, a talented and ambitious assistant, tries to get ahead in a woman's world.

Next to No Time (1958)


1,250 views Unassuming planning engineer David Webb finds himself on the Queen Elizabeth to New York with instructions to negotiate a high-powered loan. His lack of confidence means he is completely out of his depth, at least until he finds his personality changes every day during the hour the ship's clocks stop to make allowance for their westward passage.

Bridget Christie: Stand Up for Her (2016)


1,250 views Performing stand-up for a packed house in London's Hoxton Hall, comedian Bridget Christie dives into the politics of gender, sex, and equality.

Daddy-Long-Legs (1919)


1,250 views Wealthy Jervis Pendleton acts as benefactor for orphan Judy Abbott, anonymously sponsoring her in her boarding school. But as she grows up, he finds himself falling in love with her, and she with him, though she does not know that the man she has fallen for is her benefactor.

Our Time Is Up (2004)


1,250 views Dr. Stern, a clinical psychologist, leads a well ordered life, self-contained, neat, precise, and scheduled. We watch his appointments with eight patients, as he asks questions, listens, and advises them that all will improve in due time. Then, he gets a call from an oncologist who gives him very bad news. Suddenly, "in due time" becomes "right now": Stern's therapy methods change, and so do the fortunes of his patients.

Welcome to the North (2012) BDRip 360p

CC Genre:

1,250 views Now in the Far North (i.e. Milan!), Alberto has accepted to manage a program for efficiency improvement in the Italian Post. He devotes all his time and all his energy to this noble (?) task and neglects his wife Silvia, which of course annoys her beyond limits. Things do not fare much better in Castellabate where it is rather Maria, Matta's wife, who gets on his nerves by always blaming him for his lack of ambition. One day, due to a misunderstanding, Mattia is transferred to... Milan! And on whose doorstep does he land? Alberto's of course!

Bin (2016)


1,250 views A civic minded man becomes obsessed with his neighbour's bin.